Shooting Star

Claire - A Shooting Star

When we see a shooting star
We feel lucky,
so brief and beautiful
We dared have missed it
unless we happened to be focused on the dark and black sky.

It reminds us that miracles happen.
It reminds us to hope.
It reminds us there are things too high and glorious to explain.
It makes us feel special,
It makes us sparkle on the inside.

The other stars around it are still,
They are unmoved,
no less spectacular in truth
But they do not draw our eye
or illicit cheers for hanging in their orbits.

When we see a shooting star
We feel bittersweet,
so brief and beautiful
We must preserve it in our hearts
The warmth it brought us, the way it caught us,
the way it shined in against a dark and black sky.

No one sees the night as you do at this time!
So we send our love and prayers to you right now,

-Diane Turner

* A close friend of ours, Diane Turner, wrote this the day Claire passed away.  I have it in my office with a picture of Claire.
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