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Nothing in life will ever prepare you for your child being diagnosed with a potentially life threatening condition or illness. When our son Kaden, went into cardiac arrest at 4 months old, the LAST thing on our mind was how this would affect our family financially. Kaden was diagnosed with avery rare tumor located in the septum of his heart. When we found out that wewould have to travel to New York City to have him evaluated for a hearttransplant, was the first time it even crossed our minds. I, as Kaden's mother,had taken a leave of absence from my job to be at his side 24 hours a day. This is when finding out about the Clairebear Foundation took a little pressure offan immensely stressful situation. 

We received a check to help with the out of pocket expenses during our stay in what turned out to be the most expensiveplace we have ever been. With our baby laying in a hospital bed, it was reassuring to know that we would not have to worry about how we were going to be able to afford to eat, sleep and have my husband travel back and forth on the weekends. Kaden did not have to have a transplant, but did have a partialresection of the tumor as well as an AICD placed. 

Months later we had to travel back to New York City for a follow up appointment. As I have since quit my job to care for Kaden and his older brother, we live week to week on my husband’s paychecks. As the approaching doctor's appointment came closer, we realized that we were going to struggle to pay for this trip. After a call to the Social Worker at Strong that has been wonderful through this whole situation, sheinformed us that the Clairebear foundation would again, be able to assist us. The weight was lifted off of our shoulders and we were able to concentrate on what really mattered, getting Kaden to see the necessary doctors for the best treatment possible. We will forever be grateful for all that they have done for our family and the peace that they contributed to a very chaotic time in our lives.


Jenn and Josh Gowe daughter's Kaelyn Jones 21 months transplanted 11/26/2008
Kaelyn Jones

"Your daughter is in end stage heart failure, she's being admitted now, and flying to NYC for a heart transplant evaluation Monday morning.

What would you say? What would you think? I remember that day crystal clear. Among the million things that were running through my mind- Money was a big one. How can we do this? Where will I stay? How will I eat? How will I see my son or my fiance when we are 6 hours apart. I was terrified, I thought this is it, We have to choose either loose everything and try to save our daughter's life, or loose her so we can have a place to live.

When the Clairebear foundation found out about us and wanted to help I felt a HUGE relief taken off of my chest. They were amazing. They gave us an extra allowance each month to help with the cost of food, shelter, transportation to and from NYC. They allowed me to see my newborn son while my daughter and I waited for 3 months for a new chance at life. I will never be able to put in words the amount of gratitude and love I have for this family. When  people hear your story and want to help it is the best feeling in the world because you know, you are not alone.

Thank you!! "- Jenn and Josh Gowe


A testimonial from a local social worker:

"When miles away from home, family, and everything familiar, the Clairebear Foundation provides hope and comfort during what can be a very difficult and trying time. The relief that is seen on a family's face when assistance is given by the foundation cannot be described in words. Whether the fund aids a family with travel expenses, food while away from home, bills that pile up when out of work, or housing when in a new city, the Clairebear Foundation allows parents to concentrate on what is most precious to them... their son or daughter.  To have a fund that provides such peace of mind to parents is truly priceless."


A testimonial from a social worker at Mount Saini Hospital in NYC:


“The Clairebear Foundation has been incredibly helpful to the patients and families we serve.  In times of immeasurable stress – when a family is dealing with a child’s serious illness paired with being stranded far from home – Clairebear has come to the rescue.  The funds provided have been a lifesaver.  Families count on this money to pay bills, arrange transportation to see other children back home and cover costs associated with hospitalization.  The handwritten notes of encouragement that accompany the checks are always a huge source of support to families.  Through the good deeds that have come via the foundation in her name, Claire Colyer acts as a guardian angel for countless sick children and their families.”

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