About Us

The Clairebear Foundation was founded in 2007 by Mike and Lisa Colyer who are both graduates of Victor.  In July of 2007, we lost our youngest daughter, Claire, who was three and a half after a courageous battle with cardiomyopathy- a type of heart disease.  We spent five weeks in Manhattan waiting for her heart transplant.  She did receive a heart transplant, but died shortly after from an infection.  During the five weeks we were in NYC every day was touch and go we felt so fortunate that we could both be with our daughter every day.  We both realized how much harder it would have been if only one of us could be with Claire.  The costs you incur while caring for a loved one away from home are immense.  We were aware that a financial burden on top of the constant worry and strain for caring for a sick child would be devastating.   After Claire passed away, we decided to honor her by starting a foundation in her name-Clairebear-her nickname.  The Clairebear foundation eases the financial burden a family is facing when caring for a critically ill child away from home.  This allows the family to focus on their loved one, as we were able to do with Claire, instead of constantly wondering how they will pay for their living expenses.


We have already helped many families since our inception.  The families have been extremely grateful and have told us how their momentum and focus changed once we were able to offer them assistance.  The Clairebear foundation offers them such a great sense of relief financially.  This of course is only one part of the battle.  View their stories and other testimonials in the Ways We Help Section.


We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and commitment.  Although we are facing tough economical times, these families can not wait until the economy improves to battle their sickness.  Their needs are urgent and critical.

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